Having a bad curly hair day and you just brush your hair so you can tie it back, then read this.

The one thing that people that have discovered in creating their perfect, frizz free curly look is that they don’t brush their hair…. ever (ok maybe a little to get the knots out in the shower…but they know running their fingers through is just as effective and much gentler).

The next helpful tip is to select and use SILICONE FREE hair products. If your hair care has dimethicone, for example,  AVOID it ! Its a water insoluble silicone that makes the hair lack lustre with continued use . It also prevents moisture penetrating the hair strand, leaving it DRY.

Keeping the hair hydrated is sooooo important and cant emphasis this point enough. There is a technique that is used to infuse your conditioner / treatment into your hair. Just ask your curly girl hair specialist to show you how.This technique  maximises absorption. The more you apply this technique, the better your curls sit.

Leaving a little of your conditioner in your hair after rinsing is key.  Using a 100% cotton towel to lightly take out excess moisture but to leave in enough for hydration purposes.

One should only keep to shampooing their hair once a week, if possible. Shampoo does dry the hair and we need little of that. Between shampoos, spraying dry hair with distilled water and a little leave in conditioner until lightly wet and then apply your SILICONE FREE styling products and leave to dry. This is your daily maintenance routine. Simple.

Using a satin finished pillow case is great to protect the integrity of your curls, as there is no friction generated. This means that your hair doesn’t need to much controlling in the morning.

And finally, a good curly girl haircut, which is cut lock for lock. This is performed on clean, dry hair without coconut oil and other heavy based products that some do use and should avoid.

I hope you find this both informative and useful. Please give Sandton Hair Gallery a call on 03 9872 4420 if you are thinking of heading this way to making your curls the best version of themselves.