Dry Curly Hair Cutting

For those of you who have locks that are dying to be style cut and hydrated properly, we do cut curly hair dry and cut lock for lock, together with a maximum hydration treatment. We will show you how to care for your hair, so you will have a few techniques to take away with you so you can successfully maintain your curls at home.

We cater for anyone, from 2a curl to the 4c curl. We highly recommend that from 3a to 4c curl be cut using this method. Anyone with curls 2a to 2c, we find using the traditional method works well and are able to use the heated scissors, which cauterise and prevent split ends.

We use Everscents Organic hair care range that doesn’t have any silicones, plastics, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance or preservatives and is Australian made.

What to do before you visit us

Before you come in for your curly haircut, you need to come prepared. We require you to arrive with  freshly shampooed and conditioned hair, tangle and knot free and with your curls in their natural form and not tied or pinned up . Please arrive with your hair DRY without knots and tangles (should be removed during your shampooing process at home), prior to appointment. If the hair isn’t prepared properly, we are unable to cut the locks individually.