My name is Jenine Wood and I’ve been a hairdresser for 23 yrs. In that time, I’ve attained a Diploma in Kinesiology and am currently a student in Trichology. About 1 yr ago , I started noticing hair loss in young and old and started to explore what is the cause and what can we do in the hairdressing industry to cosmetically disguise and what products can bring back hair ! I will mention later what we can offer to correct / disguise the problem but first an explanation to hair loss and what is causing our hair to fall out unnaturally.
Natural hair loss occurs every day; about 175 hairs daily are shed to allow for the new hairs to appear. Those annoying short little frizzy bits of hair that we mistake for frizz are actually the new growth (which is a great thing). The problem comes when you are losing hair and there is no new hair growth that is visible. We do need to check in from time to time regarding hair growth. Getting it early could save us a lot of stress down the road.

Hair loss can occur for many different reasons, sometimes experienced for a short time and sometimes for a lot longer. Short term hair loss can be due to trauma, stress (emotional and physical), pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, gut issues like IBS and leaky gut together with parasite activities. Long term hair loss is more likely to hormone related, traction (hair been pulled out due to anxiety issues, hair having too much tension applied eg braiding) causing hair follicle damage. Been subjected to poison, whether it’s the lead in your drinking water (found in your water pipes) to inhaling a slow gas leak from your heating system, can caused patchy hair loss. There have been some recent studies that show Botox injections causing hair loss around the hairline and stunting eyebrow growth. The excessive mobile phone use even using ear pieces seems to cause hair thinning around the top of the ear .It is important to note that heavy metals, which act as the preservative in medications, including medications for acne and some oral contraceptives, have hair loss as a side effect.

As mentioned above, nutrition can is one of the main contributing factors to hair loss. The hair follicle simply isn’t getting enough nutrition. Iron , Zinc, Essential Fatty Acids , Amino Acids (protein) ,copper , Vit A& B groups , magnesium, sulphur , folic acid, calcium, phosphate levels need to be checked. Hair growth will most likely present itself after 3-6 months as the body takes the nutrition first before the hair does. The hair is the last place that we will see the deficiency is present. Acknowledging a change in hair condition gives us a vital clue to what we are lacking.

Protein / EFA/ Vit A deficiency – hair looks like it’s frizzy on the ends (like a chemical burn) and keeps snapping. Thyroid could also cause the brittleness of the hair

Iron deficiency/ parasite activity in the gut – thinning of the hair over the whole head.

Zinc deficiency – cause of hair loss in patches, namely Alopecia Areata. Issues with high copper levels will lower the zinc levels. Some medications can affect the copper zinc levels.

Riboflavin /EFA/ Vit B – deficiencies in either of these , or one , can lead to oily scalp , if not caused by hormone imbalance

Vit B group/ Iron – unusual appearance of split ends and untameable hair. Premature greying in teenagers is sign there isn’t enough Vit B especially.
Hormones contribute to condition of hair and hair growth and loss. The most common is the high testosterone levels which metabolise and lead to DHT (dehydrotestosterone) production by an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. The 5 alpha –reductase is the problem here and it has been said that it can’t survive in an alkaline environment. If there was ever a need to embrace fresh veggies, by juicing or light streaming, this is it.

Other hormones that affect the appearance of hair is the growth hormone. When out of balance, the hair can appear dull and lifeless.. Thyroid hormones (TSH and thyroxin) imbalance can reflect in the hair as patchy as well as the eyebrows, with up to 1/3 of the outer eyebrow missing. Problems with adrenal and sex hormones, give rise to androgens and this is where Female Pattern Baldness will occur in those predisposed.

It is important to note, that everyone is different and could present with the same condition but have different causes. .

We are stockist of the CHI 44 Ionic Power Plus for fuller, thicker hair! Its main ingredient is the Stinging nettle, and is a great DHT blocker! For cosmetic use, we are stocking the Dushi Natural hair building fibres that attach themselves to the hair only to create fuller, thicker looking hair. And in case you have a reaction to ammonia in hair colour, we use Ammonia, Resorcinol and Ppd Free colouring system. We also stock the Everscents hair care range that is more than 60 percent certified organic. Our heated scissors are fantastic at keeping those split ends at bay

You may book in for a full 45 min consultation, applying Kinesiology principles to explore what hormones may be out of balance, if any, and nutritionally what is lacking.