We pride ourselves in knowing how to cut hair. We use a combination of techniques to achieve desired looks by cutting hair wet or dry, depending what is required.

Now if you want to give your hair that ‘Wellness Treatment’, come to our salon to experience this unique electronically heated cutting system for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

The heat cauterises the hair and prevents split ends forever! Your haircut will last a lot longer as it retains that ‘just cut ‘feeling. With conventional haircuts, the hair remains unsealed. The ends are open and the hair is exposed to detrimental impact without any protection resulting in hair that easily loses its shine, volume and bounce.
Heated scissors is when the blades of the scissors are electronically heated. The cut hair ends are sealed by the heat, locking in moisture and care substances. This stimulates the self-regeneration of the hair. The hair is effectively protected from further damage.

The effect of cutting with heated scissors is visible after the first haircut. The entire structure of the hair is improved. You can see and feel it at once. The hair has more volume, more shine, more bounce and elasticity and it’s easier to manage style and care for. Hair splitting is gone!

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